About us

Established in 1995

Our mission is simple, to continue to do what we do best, communicate and serve our customers the best way possible.

For 4 decades since 1976, we have been serving the Greater Los Angeles area.  First as a Sir Speedy franchise now as PRINTIFF our mission is to deliver consistently and quality printing to our customers.  We are not just another printing shop down the street.  We are a partner to your business.  We understand a customer’s needs.  We are excellent at communication with our customers.

We started as a small offset printing shop and now with the latest equipment, we can find the best solutions for our customers.  We print flyers, newsletters, catalogs, and nearly all business-related materials every day.  We are a niche printing shop for a small run of full-color offset printing. We are one of the preferred EDDM shops on the USPS site.

We keep adding our capabilities and services.